How to define the width of a cell?

I'm trying to change the width of a cell, but I don't succeed. Can someone explain how to define the width of a cell?

How can I create a Reader enabled PDF with a signature field that can be signed in Adobe Reader

I've read that I need to Reader enable my document, but I can't find how to do this using iText.

How to write a table header if part of a table is forwarded to the next page?

I want this page to have table header row as well. However, I want this header row only when the table data goes on new page.

How to add a map with a pointer to a PDF?

I am using java and iText to create a pdf. Is it possible to add a map with a pointer on it
so the user will know where the starting point is?

How to create a link to a specific page number?

My question is how to target a page based on its number. For example if targeted page number is 6, clicking on the Anchor text should take to 6th page.

How to set the zoom level of a PDF using iTextSharp?

I need to set the zoom level to 75% in a PDF file using iTextSharp. But I am getting the error "the page 1 was request but the document has only 0 pages"

How to create a pop-up window to display images and text?

I want to add and pop-up window in a C# project to display an image and text by clicking on an annotation.
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